History of the Tolerme Lake

Presentation of the Tolerme Lake:

The Tolerme Lake is located in the heart of the SAMUELS. This territory succeeded large trays of Causses where to start the foothills of the Massif Central located at the end of the Lot Northeast.

Ségala offers sites and exceptional landscapes whose diversity is nowhere located elsewhere.
The development and the protection of this heritage will allow you to discover the nature in this region.

Lake brings together two townships including the capitals are the communes Sousceyrac and Latronquière.
It is an area accentuated relief that deploys its forest of chestnut, beech and birch, its gorges with vivid and fish‑bearing waters, picturesque hamlets perched on ridges, its rich flora and fauna with rare species.

The Lake opens his arms all around a peninsula, it protects in its attractive and quiet beauty. Is this not the harmony of a perfect agreement between the Lake and nature? On the road that borders the Lake, eco-systems occur with the presence of wetlands that are home to many animal species and a wide variety of plants.


An intercommunity Association for the creation of a body of water was set up in 1974. In 1985, the General Council of the Lot project of lac de Tolerme among its priorities and benefits from the support of Europe and the Midi-Pyrénées region.

The work is carried out from May to December 1989 and in the summer 1990 that the waterbody is operational with its 38 Ha of area.
Sitram, Canton of Latronquière and Sousceyrac (S.Y.G.L.A.T) is responsible for the investment and the Supervisory Board.
An association, the Association of the Tolerme Lake, was created in order to operate the site, she aimed at management, animation, promotion of the site, its tourist, sporting and cultural valorisation.